Bring your friends to the WAM fam and share the love.
How does it work?
When you buy online at We Are Mancini, you'll receive a $100 gift code.
Share this code with your friends and family
When one of them buys a We Are Mancini dress, you will receive a $100 gift code!
we are mancini toss the bouquet

More info:

Who does this apply to?  

Any customer that orders from our Bridal Collections is eligible to be an Ambassador and get a TOSS THE BOUQUET code.

After the purchase, she will get a unique discount code by email to share with her friends and family, who will become Friends of the Ambassador.

How much is the discount?

If the Friend buys a wedding dress, the Ambassador and the Friend each get 100$ off.

This promotion only applies to wedding dresses, mini's and bridal separates. Under no circumstances is the discount applicable to accessories or other items. Additionally, this promotion cannot be applied retroactively and is in no case redeemable for cash or other items not included in the promotion.   

What does the Friend have to do to get her discount?

The Friend has to input the TOSS THE BOUQUET code sent from the Ambassador by email.


What does the Ambassador have to do to get her discount?

The Ambassador has to let us know her Friend has made a purchase with her TOSS THE BOUQUET and tell us her Friends name..

The Ambassador can then use a unique code that we will email to you to make a future purchase.


How long do you have to use the TOSS THE BOUQUET code?

The Ambassador and her Friend have six months to use any discount codes from the time the code is issued. The code will no longer be valid, for any purposes, for the Ambassador or the Friend, after six months of being issued.