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We are challenging the idea of single use in the bridal industry. Why should your wedding dress only get one spin around the dance floor only to be packed up in a box for years to come? Our separates range and our bridal minis are great ways to get more wear out of your wedding dress and bridal outfits. But they are not the only way. Many of our wedding gowns can be altered to be shorter. Many of our brides have worn their wedding dress or a part of their wedding outfit for their anniversaries, bringing the memories along with them. Our bridal tops can be worn back with denim or a tailored trouser to create a new look.


Our manufacturing partners are GRS and GOTS certified and provide ethical social auditing reports. We have been working with these partners for many years and have wonderful relationships with them.

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We design timeless gowns that are not subject to the whims of the 3 month fashion cycle. We do not ever have excess stock going to landfill as we make a very limited number of ready-to-wear styles, ensuring that we only make what is in demand by our brides.

We patternmake and sample our gowns in Sydney, Australia and keep cabon emissions low by shipping by boat from our manufacturing partners. 

We use Zero Waste Co products so that all of our packaging can be plastic free. Zero Waste Co plant one tree with every order they get, reducing our carbon footprint.


We avoid all man-made fibres such as polyester and nylon wherever possible, as these are fibres made from plastics and petrochemicals that do not biodegrade. We opt for natural fibres that are biodegradable such as silk, cotton, viscose and cupro. Celulose fibres such as rayon, viscose and cupro use less water in their manufacture which is why we chose these for our linings. Wherever possible, we are committed to use Lenzing fibres. Lenzing is a certified viscose fibre grown in sustainable wood forests that uses 50% less water than regular manufacturing and cleans the water before it goes back into the environment.

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