The How-To Guide for Minimalist Bridal Styling

Maximalism is having a big moment in fashion. Big sleeves and even bigger colours are all over the runways. And while we love the romantic Victorian sillhouettes we're seeing we also appreciate a more lassez-faire look. One can always lust after the latest over-the-top fashion trends, but a sophisticated and pared-back aesthetic never goes out of style. I guess the question is, should your bridal look really follow a fashion trend? Or will you look back in 20 years time to your wedding photos and thank baby jesus you opted for a stylish, sophisticated minimalist white dress.

So what is minimalism in terms of your wedding? Well basically, less is more. It's about no-fuss, from your simple edge-cut veil to your stunning backless bias cut sheath gown. For those who subscribe to a minimalist approach to their bridal look it adds a level of elegance and simplicity in classic silhouettes.

Minimalist bridal looks are about being modern and timeless all at once and not having your wedding day overshadowed by fashion. It let's your personality shine through and allows your wedding day to be about your marriage, love, and family.