"Have you chosen your wedding dress yet? "

"Did it make you cry?"

"Gosh you're leaving it late!"

"Aren't you stressed out?"


Sick of these questions from well meaning, but mildly annoying friends and family? I feel you. We live in an ever changing world where we are constantly trying to honor traditions, yet also break that glass ceiling, forever walking with one foot in the past and one in the future. This feeling is often amplified once you get engaged and all the opinions start flying at you. So many different expectations from all sorts of people in your life. How do you navigate this while being true to your own self? Here are some tips I have learned over the years taking many brides on their dress journey:

Hey, It's Just A Dress

Fashion is ever evolving, as are we, humans. Your style and loves today maybe won't be the same as in 10 or 20 years time. There is no need to put an added pressure on yourself to have to LOVE your wedding dress every day of your life, forever and ever. Your bridal gown, or mini, or suit, or whatever you choose, should be an expression of you. Whatever makes you feel good at that time in your life. It is one day, to wear one dress, and your memories of that day will be of your feels, so try to listen to your inner self on how you are feeling in your outfit.

Go It Alone

It is so fine to pick your wedding dress on your own. You own your style in your everyday life, whether it's kooky fashion, or classic simplicity, whatever it is, it is an expression of your personality. You know what you like to wear and what makes you feel comfortable. The opinions of others can sometimes crowd your thoughts, so give yourself the space and freedom to chose for yourself. Also, there is no pressure to have that teary moment, save those feels for your wedding day.

Come Back To The Breath

Check in with yourself. Why are you getting married? What is this day all about? What about this event is most important to you? Calming the mind through breathing exercises and being fully present and mindful will help to cut through the overwhelming thoughts. The past has already gone by, the future has not happened, there is only this moment now. If this moment right now is a calm, beautiful moment where you appreciate the moment, the partner, the friend, the music, the nature, the sunshine, these moments will create your past and shape your future.

Less Is More

We Are Mancini gowns are designed with intention. The intention is to showcase this beautiful soul who is committing to this person they love. This is the moment to feel beautiful, comfortable, dreamy, romantic, free.