Are you eco-concious? Are you worried about the impact your wedding might have on the planet?  Although I admire the passion of the eco warriors out there, you don't have glue yourself to an aeroplane to make a difference, every little bit we do counts.


There are lots of benefits to planning a mindful wedding, for one, it makes sense financially and can be really supportive of local economies and small businesses. It's all about having less stuff, and getting more out of your wedding day.


I would love to say that MANCINI is 100% sustainable but truthfully it's something that we are working towards to minimise any impact we have on the planet. It's something we think about alot, especially in the styling and design of our gowns and separates. We want our brides to really get the most out of them to be able to wear them again and again as we are all about challenging the idea of single use for a single day.


People like @less_stuff_more_meaning have great tips for an eco-ethical wedding. You can even book an ambassador to help you with all aspects of planning a mindful wedding. How about being able to get more than one wear out of your wedding dress? Or donating unused or left over food to a food bank. How about these gorgeous florals of dried palm fronds straight from the back garden?

Even your honeymoon can be low impact like this luxury floating villa LILYPAD in Sydney's backyard, Palm Beach. As much as Santorini is picture perfect, this will really lessen your carbon footprint on the Earth.

For more ideas visit @mindfullywed on Insta